How to Repair Floor Joists With Mold Damage

Water damage is one of the worst calamities that a home owner can deal with. This is because it is almost always highly expensive and does damage to places you cannot even see in your home. On of the worst forms that water damage can manifest itself in is that of mold. Mold can be an extremely expensive version of water damage because of how it operates. One of the worst places in your home it can hit is your flooring. When mold hits your floor joists there are numerous dangers that can come about.

Mold’s Domino Effect

First of all, when mold hits the joists of your flooring it creates a series of hazards that put your family at risk. Mold is a highly corrosive substance, so if it hits the joists it can start to rot the wood out. When that happens your floor suddenly becomes a highly unstable and unsafe surface to walk on. It is only a matter of time before your joists become a very serious danger to you and your family.

Making things worse is the fact that if there is mold on the joists then it will not be long before there is mold spread to the flooring itself. When that happens your floor is no longer safe to walk on, not only for structural reasons but for health reasons as well. This is because you could be kicking up mold spores while you are walking which means you could very well be inhaling mold spores without realizing it. When this happens you could develop a serious respiratory illness and possibly die from the exposure.

Ensuring Floor Safety

If you want to ensure that your floor is safe then you need to call in for an inspection with Damage Control 911. Damage Control 911 is one of the best water damage companies because they do thorough inspections of every property they visit. They will give your flooring a top to bottom inspection leaving nothing to chance and using no guesswork. They will determine the best course of action to repair the joists in a way that will not break the bank but will also offer the maximum amount of possible safety.

If you are worried about how much it may cost to make this happen then you need to call your home owner’s insurance provider. They may be able and willing to cover the costs of the repairs so long as the cause is not flood related (as flood damage is covered by an entirely separate form of insurance.) This should cover a significant amount (if not all) of the costs it will take to fully repair the joists and see to it that your home is mold free in its entirety once again.

It may take several days, if not longer, to have your floor joists fully repaired. This may initially be frustrating. However, the end result is certainly worth the wait, as is the good health of you and your family and at the end of the day you cannot put a price on that.