CBD Oil And Cannabis Products

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis is an herb that naturally originated in Central Asia, but today grows worldwide. The U.S. National Library of Medicine dates first recordings of cannabis oil being used to treat health conditions back about 3,000 years. The reason there is such controversy around using cannabis oil in the United States is that it has been classified as a Schedule I agent. That means that Cannabis, commonly referred to as Marijuana, is a drug containing psychoactive compounds and has increased potential for abuse. According to a 2007 scientific review published in Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, scientists agree that despite the mild addiction to cannabis and the potentially heightened risk of becoming addicted to other drugs while using cannabis simultaneously, the curative effects of cannabinoids are too great to be ignored.


Medical Uses:

Cannabis became popular for medical use because of its sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anticonvulsant effects.  There is lots of information on the medical benefits of hemp and cbd oil on nakedcbd.com.


Stress and Anxiety

So many people suffer from stress in today’s society. We are overworked, consistently ill, and busy – too busy. Cannabis oil can activate and release pleasure hormones and relax your mind, thus reducing stress and allowing a calming, peaceful feeling to take over the body.

In 2013 a study was conducted at the University of Haifa in Israel. It was found that cannabinoid treatment after a traumatic experience may assist the body in responding to the emotional trauma and prevent stress-induced impairment.

Chronic Pain

Current evidence suggests that cannabinoids may potentially be useful in managing chronic pain by preventing neuronal transmission in pain pathways. The oil has the power to alleviate pain and inflammation. For this reason, we see many cancer patients turn to cannabis oil while undergoing chemotherapy. The oil provides relief for some of the side effects of chemo. This 2010 study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal describes how cannabis can help patients with chronic pain.

Prevents Cancer


While there is not yet conclusive evidence, cannabis oil is being explored as a natural cancer treatment and prevention method. It is thought that it may help shrink tumors and mitigate other painful symptoms like nausea, pain, lack of appetite and weakness. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved cannabis as a treatment for cancer or any other medical condition, but research shows that it does have some anticancer properties. In 2013 a case report conducted in Canada assessed the beneficial effects of cannabis oil on a 14-year-old female patient diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia,. For this particular child, a standard bone marrow transplant, aggressive chemotherapy and radiation therapy were deemed a failed treatment after almost 3 years of no progress.


With no other options, her family turned to cannabis. They started treatment by giving her oil only once a day. They increased her dosage so that, by day 15, the treatment was given three times each day. As a direct result of the cannabis oil treatment, the girl decreased her morphine use for pain, exhibited an increase in euphoria symptoms, as well as an increase in alertness.


A Final Thought:

Because of the way that cannabis oil acts in the body, it has many potential uses. CBD oil can be used orally, rubbed on the skin (topically), and sometimes inhaled through vapor or used intravenously to produce its effects. Before incorporating cannabis oil into your health regimen, be sure to research on your own and talk to your doctor about the potential benefits and risks.

the best ice nugget makers

The Best Nugget Ice Makers of 2018 – Complete Buyers Guide!

The appeal of ice nuggets is a hard thing to quantify. Visually they just seem more appealing than the kind of ice that you get from a simple set of ice cube trays. Perhaps the rounder nature of ice nuggets is easier to trust than that of a cube. Who knows? The truth is that while these little chunks of ice are hard to explain in terms of popularity, they are even harder to create without an ice nugget maker.

It may seem somewhat ridiculous to some to have an ice nugget maker but the truth is that ice nuggets are a quick and easy way to wow your friends at dinner parties (and, yes, make them jealous that you have the power to create ice nuggets). If you want to make perfect ice nuggets then you need the best ice nugget makers on the market. Here are those nugget makers.

Igloo Ice103

Igloo Ice103


What makes this particular ice nugget maker awesome is the fact that it is totally portable. This makes it perfect for any party that you are having outdoors, camping, or simply on the go. There are three different ice nugget sizes and it can produce up to 26 lbs of ice a day. That’s a lot of ice!

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Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Like the previous nugget maker, this option from FirstBuild is portable. However, what sets the Opal Nugget Ice Maker apart is the fact that that it can produce a pound of ice every hour with a three pound built-in container. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to schedule when your ice is made from a handy app offered by FirstBuild. If you are at work and want to come home to perfect ice nuggets then you can make that happen.

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RCA Compact Ice Maker

rca compact ice maker

This is a simple, no frills ice maker that comes with a nice red finish. It is capable of making a batch of ice in six minutes and produces up to 26 pounds of ice a day. You can choose from two different ice sizes, and it features a relatively simple array of buttons that anybody can figure out in relatively short order.

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Della Portable Electric Ice Maker

Della Portable Electric Ice Maker

This portable option from Della is also equipped with a nice red finish and easy to follow buttons. It also has a see-through window that allows you to process how it is doing while making your ice nuggets. There are also two different nugget sizes available. It is a fantastic option.

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Whey protein powder for fitness nutrition to start training on wooden background

Is Protein Powder Safe?


When it comes to getting into shape people want to be able to maximize their efforts, whether it is to lose weight or to build muscle. To achieve these goals many will turn to different tools and methods. One of the most commonly used and popular tools that people are using to get in shape is that of protein powders.

If you are relatively new to fitness and are curious about protein powders then one of the first things that you may be wondering is whether or not protein powders are safe. Here we will cover how protein powders are best used and properly explain why they have become so popular in the fitness world.

Protein Powder is Food

The first thing that needs to be explained is that protein powder is little more than a concentrated version of the protein that is in food you already eat on a regular basis.

As With All Things, Moderation

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that protein powder is absolutely safe, so long as you are sticking to the recommended dosage and following the instructions exactly as described.

There are many people who take in too much protein. This is because they feel that the recommended dosages simply are not enough for them to achieve their goals. Some people double dose and others even take their protein several times throughout the day.

Typical Side Effects

A person who takes more protein than recommended can experience a number of unpleasant side effects. The most common side effect is bloating. Bloating is followed by increased bowel movements, thirst, nausea, headaches, fatigue, cramping, and a reduction in appetite. Nothing listed here is too severe, but it is bad enough that you would definitely find the results to be unpleasant.

Purity is Best

Protein powders are very big business, and when something becomes big business companies start looking for ways to cut corners. Many companies are looking for the best way to make the most money with the least expensive ingredients. This means cutting back on the overall quality of the protein powder in the name of keeping it cheap to produce while still charging the same amount they would if they were using pure protein.

This brings us to the key point: some of the ingredients used to cut the protein powder are definitely not things that you would want in your system if you are trying to get fit. These are ingredients such as aspartame, carrageenan, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, cyancobalamin, and other ingredients that the company may deem as being perfectly fine when in truth some of them are not good for you at all.

By using cheaper protein powder you are not only opening yourself up to potentially harmful ingredients. Even worse, you will simply not receive the full effect of the powder. Make sure that you are using powder that is as purely made as possible. A good rule of thumb, though one that is not 100% accurate from case to case, is that if the powder is relatively cheap it is likely to have a lot of filler content.

Always Use Correctly

When you take protein powder you need to do so with a clear idea of what your goals are. It is also essential that you talk to your doctor before you start any real protein powder regiment. Protein powder is not the same as something like a home remedy where you are working with something that, if it does not work, will be a huge detriment. Make sure that it is the right move you need to make for where you are in your fitness journey. Protein powder is safe to use, but it must be used correctly.

dog fence

How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping The Fence

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a dog owner is having to keep them enclosed in the back yard to keep them from roaming around or going missing. Normally a basic fence is all you need to keep your dog in the back yard but if you have a dog that is tenacious enough then you may have to take other measures to ensure that they stay put. This is especially true if your dog likes to jump the fence. When you have a jumper it can seem next to impossible to keep them contained. If you want to find a way to keep your dog from jumping the fence then here are some tips you can use.

Setting a Perimeter

One of the best things that you can do for your dog is to use an invisible fence. When you use an invisible fencing system you give them a collar that is attached to a sonic emitter that puts out a high pitched sound that only your dog can hear. This sound is very unpleasant for them but it does not harm to them. The sound is emitted whenever they breach the perimeter that you have set for them. It needs to be said that an invisible fence is NOT a solution that works by itself. It will only work when paired with the fence you already have. There are pitfalls to using them, and they only really teach your dog to associate breaching the perimeter with discomfort.

Get Proper Fencing

If you are looking for a perfect solution then you need the best dog fence on the market! Superior + Low Cost is the name of the game and that is why you need to use a fencing kit from PetPlaygrounds. They offer a kit that is escape proof because it is a complete enclosure. Your dog cannot jump over it and they cannot dig their way out from it. It is a practically perfect fence for keeping your dog safe in one spot.

If you do not feel like shelling out the money for a kit then you can always take the DIY approach. This would simply involve extending the height of your fence. You would need to invest time and money into making this happen and it leaves open the possibility that you accidentally make things easier for your dog if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

At the end of the day having a jumper for a dog can be frustrating but if you are willing to put in the time and effort that it takes to train them to stay in one spot then your life will be much easier. At the end of the day you still need to have a decent fence in place as a precaution. No matter how well trained your dog actually is they are still likely to try and escape every once in a while no matter what other measures you manage to put in place to prevent it.


How to Repair Floor Joists With Mold Damage

Water damage is one of the worst calamities that a home owner can deal with. This is because it is almost always highly expensive and does damage to places you cannot even see in your home. On of the worst forms that water damage can manifest itself in is that of mold. Mold can be an extremely expensive version of water damage because of how it operates. One of the worst places in your home it can hit is your flooring. When mold hits your floor joists there are numerous dangers that can come about.

Mold’s Domino Effect

First of all, when mold hits the joists of your flooring it creates a series of hazards that put your family at risk. Mold is a highly corrosive substance, so if it hits the joists it can start to rot the wood out. When that happens your floor suddenly becomes a highly unstable and unsafe surface to walk on. It is only a matter of time before your joists become a very serious danger to you and your family.

Making things worse is the fact that if there is mold on the joists then it will not be long before there is mold spread to the flooring itself. When that happens your floor is no longer safe to walk on, not only for structural reasons but for health reasons as well. This is because you could be kicking up mold spores while you are walking which means you could very well be inhaling mold spores without realizing it. When this happens you could develop a serious respiratory illness and possibly die from the exposure.

Ensuring Floor Safety

If you want to ensure that your floor is safe then you need to call in for an inspection with Damage Control 911. Damage Control 911 is one of the best water damage companies because they do thorough inspections of every property they visit. They will give your flooring a top to bottom inspection leaving nothing to chance and using no guesswork. They will determine the best course of action to repair the joists in a way that will not break the bank but will also offer the maximum amount of possible safety.

If you are worried about how much it may cost to make this happen then you need to call your home owner’s insurance provider. They may be able and willing to cover the costs of the repairs so long as the cause is not flood related (as flood damage is covered by an entirely separate form of insurance.) This should cover a significant amount (if not all) of the costs it will take to fully repair the joists and see to it that your home is mold free in its entirety once again.

It may take several days, if not longer, to have your floor joists fully repaired. This may initially be frustrating. However, the end result is certainly worth the wait, as is the good health of you and your family and at the end of the day you cannot put a price on that.